newborn girl snuggled in white blanket and bow

Sweet Mya and her very proud big brother, Beckett recently visited the studio (along with mom and dad!). Every time I have the privilege of capturing a growing family's first "professional" moments together, my heart just swells with joy and excitement. The first weeks of a new baby are so fleeting and chaotic but I hope these sweet, quiet seconds are what sticks long after the restless nights. 

big brother kisses new baby sister on her forehead

proud big brother points at new baby sisterIsn't he just the proudest big brother there ever was?! 

closeup of dad holding new baby girlmom and dad with smiling toddler boy and new baby girlyoung mom holds new baby girl

Mya's dad, Jesse is a ridiculously talented graphic designer (check out that super gorgeous logo at the top of the page 😉) so to have him and Madison trust me creatively is extra-special.


Can you even with these smiles?! 


Newborns are best photographed within the first two weeks of their birthday but I've been known to snuggle new little ones as late as eight weeks after. If you're looking for someone to obsess over your new little one's tiny toes and flouffy hair, I would love to chat.



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Catelin Drey
Post by Catelin Drey
July 11, 2022